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Please note that Visio does not lend to owner-occupiers, only investors.

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Econohomes has bought and sold thousands of properties since 2006. We offer home investors a turnkey way to make money in real estate. The best real estate investment opportunities are at your fingertips. You can search a wide range of as-is or restored homes for sale. The testimonials below are a sample of what our many satisfied customers have to say about us.


“ I had the pleasure of doing business with Econohomes starting in February 2010. My clients bought a home from them in our area. The sales rep was a treasure. She went far and beyond to help this deal go through. Everyone at that office was always helpful and it was so nice to work with. Econohomes was very professional and they were willing to sign all the papers I needed for the state of Arkansas and paid me my commission on the day of closing. ”
- Rachel Lance, Arkansas


“ Ted Esquibel was awesome and he got the job done fast. Econohomes seemed to be on top of it and really took care of business. When you run a business like this, you automatically get repeat customers. ”
- Dexter Valencia, California
“ Easy to do business with - prompt and detailed. I am very satisfied with my purchase! Thanks! ”
- Oscar Acevedo, California
“ I am not an investor...I'm a new homeowner thanks to you! ”
- Kathleen Collins, California
“ Customer service was great. I got immediate responses from the representative. The representative followed up and answered all the questions asked. I'm checking the website everyday because Econohomes makes it feel very safe to purchase wholesale through their portal. ”
- Tuan Tran, California


“ Econohomes helped us close on our first investment with them in only 5 days. Our sales specialist responded to every question immediately. She gave us links to county web sites and telephone numbers so we could confirm information. She made the whole experience painless. The contracts department answered our many questions patiently and professionally. We are referring our family and friends to them, and look forward to more investments with their company. Thanks for making our dreams come true. ”
- Bar-b & Mike Brown, Colorado
“ Everything went very smoothly and professionally. Thank you. ”
- William and Janet Savoie, Colorado


“ I give you all a five star rating! ”
- Geraldine Rudysz, Florida
“ I’m very happy with your services. My representative, Jeremy Montgomery, is very professional and knows his work. I trust him and all his knowledge. Thank you for guiding me to the right investment! ”
- Nadia Abdelgawad, Florida
“ Vince was very patient with all my questions (there were many of them) as I am a first time buyer. ”
- Candice Hernandez, Florida
“ Brandon is the BEST! ”
- Christina Inman, Florida


“ Amber was fantastic. She e-mailed or texted me back immediately with every question I had. She was great and very professional. ”
- Jeff Gibbs, Georgia
“ Tandi was the agent that we dealt with and she was wonderful. ”
- Charlene and David Bounds, Georgia


“ Brandon Tully looked out for our company; he has been great to work with. ”
- Logan Patten, Idaho


“ I recently sold an Econohomes listing in Alsip, IL. Although the contract-to-close process used by Econohomes is different from the customary process in this area, the end result was the same – the deal closed, my buyer felt he got a good deal on the property, and everybody got paid. Econohomes worked with our title company to coordinate the closing, and the Econohomes representative was responsive and helpful throughout the process. Given my experience with this transaction, I would be glad to do business with Econohomes again. ”
- Alex Fenske, Illinois
“ Everything is so fast and easy with Econohomes. Jeff Bodenman is attentive and always responds to e-mails and voicemails within minutes. He's very knowledgeable as well which provides confidence to clients. This is the second time we have done business with him and always got the same level of service. Top notch. ”
- Anonymous, Illinois


“ Econohomes did a super professional job. ”
- Mike Imbler, Indiana
“ I was scared during the first transaction with Econohomes because there are so many scams out there. After I had my attorney investigate, I pulled the trigger and saw a great return on my investment with you guys. ”
- Michael Lucas, Indiana
“ I think you did a fine job! ”
- Margurite Wilber, Indiana
“ I would give your company very high marks and if you EVER need a reference, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you again for a remarkably quick, smooth transaction. ”
- Nola Oliver, Indiana
“ You guys treated me more like a person and not like a pay check. I'll definitely do business with Econohomes again. ”
- Dominic Sobieralski, Indiana


“ Everything was great. ”
- Andrew Lebo, Iowa


“ We received top notch service from everyone at Econohomes. From Jordan, our sales agent, to Finance and Closing, the process was very smooth. I hope to buy some more this year! ”
- Robert & Lara Anderson, Kansas


“ We think you did a terrific job. Thanks a lot! ”
- Brian Palmer, Kentucky


“ When I had a concern, Tandi was there for me and made me feel so comfortable. ”
- Cara Harrison-Daniels, Louisiana
“ I think it's great that you all are providing affordable homes for people to purchase not only for investment but also for living. It gives people a chance to become homeowners. ”
- Earline Foy, Louisiana


“ Brandon Tully was competent, timely, and pleasant to work with. ”
- Stefanie Nelson, Maryland


“ I am very satisfied with your workers and plan on doing more business with you in the future. ”
- Clarence Ferris, Massachusetts


“ I can’t think of anything else you could do. Traci was great! ”
- Amy Houpt, Michigan
“ Keep up the good work. I love your company and will do all my buying at Econohomes! ”
- Loveutia Childs, Michigan
“ It went really well. I'm waiting on the deed! You guys held your end of the bargain, and I held up mine. It was a seamless transition. ”
- Kimoni Moss, Michigan
“ We were able to work with your company that helped us find a first full rental unit. We had a lease on this property before we even had ownership. I've been in sales for over 30 years and seen customers that were not big buyers get forgotten about. We are very impressed with your professionalism. Treating a small customer no different than a big customer impressed me. I do not see this kind of work very often. A seven day turnaround is unheard of. I have recommended your company to at least 10 people so far. Why go anywhere else? Nobody I know of can turn a property over in 7 days and you care about us - something else companies do not offer anymore. I didn't feel like just a name and number. P.S. Give Jeff Bodenman a pat on the back for me. ”
- Thomas D. Sawyer, Michigan
“ John Campbell and Brandon Tully did such an awesome job, and we would recommend them to everyone we know that is buying a house. Great place to get a home from. Thank you, all. ”
- David Nearhood, Michigan
“ Very upfront and honest about my questions and concerns. ”
- Julie Elrod, Michigan
“ I liked Ted; he was very professional and caring about getting a home for me and my children. Thanks a lot, Econohomes. ”
- Celease Roberts, Michigan
“ Mark was very nice to deal with. ”
- Randy Dieter, Michigan


“ My personal experience with Econohomes was great. My sales agent, Ted, was always willing to take the time to walk me through the process and put any concerns to rest. ”
- Pamela Lutman, Missouri

New Jersey

“ I just bought my first property from Econohomes and everything was handled exactly as promised. They spelled out exactly what was expected and it all went very smooth. I wish all my transactions went this way. I look forward to purchasing more properties from them in the future. ”
- Jeff Bennett, New Jersey

New Mexico

“ I think Traci is one of the most professional real estate facilitators I have ever worked with! ”
- Max Sklower, New Mexico

New York

“ I can think of nothing that would have improved the sale! ”
- Bret Johnston, New York

North Carolina

“ Buying property can be a very arduous process, but everyone at Econohomes made it stress-free and rewarding every step of the way. It is a pleasure doing business with them, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! ”
- Ava Rogers, North Carolina
“ Crystal Elder is a sweetheart and because of her, I was able to buy this property. No matter how many times I called her, she always answered happily and tried to help me whichever way possible. Even if it was a very small deal, she showed the same courtesy and interest. Thanks to her. ”
- Syed Mehdi and Rafia Sultana Mehdi, North Carolina


“ Jeremy Montgomery did a great job of keeping me informed and helping me to understand step by step from start to finish. I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks again! ”
- Perry Allison, Ohio


“ I can only say my agent, Robert Carpenter, is one of a kind. He gets thing done. And I will like to say on his behalf, I will continue to buy homes from him. He explained everything down to the last sheet of paper you have to sign. This is truly a five star place to buy your first home from Econohomes. Good work guys!!! Mr. Carpenter knows I work with a board with a few members on the panel. And he is a great guy to walk you through it all. Not once have I walked away unhappy. Cassie makes sure she crosses her T’s and dots her I’s. She can close a deal on time. Four tunes up for her. ”
- Andy Padilla, Pennsylvania
“ Freddy is very customer service oriented. Excellent company representative. ”
- Dr Henry Sinopoli, Pennsylvania

South Carolina

“ Traci is an Asset to Econohomes. Very professional and pleasant to work with. ”
- Randall West, South Carolina
“ The company seemed to function like a very well-oiled machine. Everything transpired very quickly and smoothly. Our sales representative, Ted, was extremely helpful in dealing with our many questions. ”
- Deborah Hamilton, South Carolina
“ Ted was right on point through the entire process, extremely helpful each step of the way. ”
- Ron Hamilton, South Carolina
“ Tandi has been an EXCELLENT agent to work with. I personally look forward to working with her in the future!! ”
- Ray "kennyray" Jones Jr., Dare to Dream Properties LLC, South Carolina


“ The salesman was very helpful through the entire process. ”
- Seng Loh, Tennessee
“ Jeremy was very helpful and very timely in getting back to us. Cassie returned my call in a timely manner and was very knowledgeable in responding to my questions. ”
- Jiranya Feinberg, Tennessee


“ The old adage ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ applies to Econohomes. ”
- George Alejos, Texas
“ Econohomes has the right properties at the right prices and every part of my transaction was perfect. My sales person, John Campbell, is excellent and very knowledgable. I am 100% satisfied. ”
- Mario Zahariev, Texas
“ Traci was very pleasant to talk with, and if possible I will do business with her when something arises. ”
- Bob Turpin, Texas
“ I am a Real Estate Broker in DFW and I have worked with Econohomes for about a year. They are a great company who likes to move properties fast and efficient. Deals closed on time and commission checks were received promptly thereafter. I would highly recommend them to other buyers, agents and brokers. ”
- Joe Peterson, Texas
“ Mr. Foskey is on top of his game, very reliable and quick to respond whether by e-mail or telephone. Made my first transaction a breeze! ”
- Buck Tadlock, Texas
“ I am completely satisfied with every part of my transaction with Econohomes. Thanks! ”
- Debra Gaylor, Texas
“ I was impressed by the professionalism and the courtesy the sales agent showed. ”
- Sounny Slitine, Texas
“ I was unsure of the process and Jeremy explained each step of the way and provided updates periodically. Great response each time I called, very personable. Jeremy explained the procedure, expectations and the process. He explained items to look for that might affect the sale of which I was not familiar with, e.g., delinquent taxes. The process once started seemed so quick and so easy. I believe Jeremy had a lot to do with the smooth exchange. The response time from him was so quick each time. I felt by answering my concerns, Jeremy made sure we made a perfect deal - meeting my needs and those of Econohomes. The expectations were very clear and easy to follow - no changes along the way. ”
- Arthur and Elsa Gonzalez, Texas


“ Freddy Colon is an excellent employee. He returned my phone calls quickly and is very knowledgeable. When I asked him questions, he always had an answer. ”
- Timothy Nester, Virginia


“ My first experience with Econohomes was great, and my second purchase went just as well. I’m looking forward to buying more homes. ”
- Janiel Pencoast, Washington


“ My sales agent, Jeremy Montgomery, was very helpful and reassuring. Dealing with an out of state company had me a little leery, but Jeremy gave me reassurances and calmed a lot of fears I had. Big thanks to him. ”
- Ronald Neustedter, Wisconsin