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Lexington, NC

2.0Br / 1.0Ba
Single Family
Sales Agent: Traci Stradford
Phone: (512) 334 1461
Property Details

Exterior Features

Beige siding house with blue shutters and white trim. Large front yard, and large fenced in back yard. Windows are metal framed and all intact. Roof looks good, no signs of leaking. Foundation looks good, no signs of shifting. Landscaping in front and rear. Sizable deck on the back side of the house. There are two storage sheds. One connected to the carport and one independent from the house.

Interior Features

Living room: hardwood floors, multiple colored painted walls (predominately olive green), vaulted ceilings, lighted fan, four large windows looking out the front of the house. Kitchen: grey linoleum floors, red and white painted walls, vaulted ceilings, wooden cabinets, dark grey countertops, no appliances present. Master: tan carpeting, white painted walls, ceiling fan, two large windows facing the side and rear of house, large closets. Bedroom 1: tan carpeting, white painted walls, ceiling fan, two windows looking out the side and front of house, small closet. Bathroom: grey tile print linoleum, white painted and tile walls, cast iron tub, toilet, and sink. Carpeting in both of the bedrooms are worn and discolored and should be replaced. Cast iron tub has rusted through the grout in the tile. Copper supply lines and pvc dwv waste lines. 30g electric water heater. Electric looks good (fuse box outside), gas heat-ac unit outside appears to be functional.


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