Our sister company, Visio Financial Services, offers both purchase and cash-out refinance loans to residential investors. Whether you buy an investment property from Econohomes or someone else, Visio Financial has a variety of loan products that are designed exclusively for investors and their unique needs.

Please note that Visio does not lend to owner-occupiers, only investors.

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More Cash Flow Opportunities with Rent-ready Properties

Expand your investment portfolio with Econohomes rent-ready properties. These renovated homes have been fully restored and are rent-ready for positive cash flow.
  • Affordable, Low Risk Property Investing – We pass the savings on to you.
  • Extensive Renovations – kitchen, bath, electrical, flooring included.
  • Rent-ready Restored Homes – Positive cash flow.
  • Equity – Great upside potential with appreciation.
  • Full service team of real estate experts on your side.
  • All backed by our BBB top rating and in-depth experience.
Find the perfect renovated house today!
Renovated Homes